A New Clan.jpg
Name: A New Clan
Author: David Weber
Jane Lindskold
Publisher: Baen Books
Series: Star Kingdom
Previous: Treecat Wars

A New Clan is the upcoming fourth book of the Star Kingdom prequel series written by David Weber and Jane Lindskold. It will be published June 7th 2022.

Cover Summary[]

Sex! Drugs! Rock ‘n’ Roll! And Treecats!

Freshly home from an internship on Manticore, teenaged Stephanie Harrington is up to her eyebrows in trouble.

There’s the new treecat adoptee who needs to be kept from becoming a risk to the carefully guarded secret of just how smart the arboreal inhabitants of Sphinx really are.

There’s the overeager journalist whose campaign to protect the treecats from exploitation as the newest, coolest pet on any planet could threaten the very creatures he seeks to defend.

And there’s the mysterious rash of weird accidents that are plaguing Sphinx’s younger inhabitants—including some of those nearest and dearest to Stephanie.

In trying to get enough proof to get the understaffed authorities of her pioneer planet to act, Stephanie will be called upon to attempt things she never imaged doing—including going undercover into the wilds of the late-night club scene, a realm where her faithful treecat guardian, Lionheart, cannot follow….




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