The 20th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1901 PD to 31 December 2000 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it largely corresponded with the 41st Century CE.

Significant events[]

Date AL Events Reference
11/03/1901 PD
02/13/281 AL
The First Battle of Basilisk is fought as result of a failed Havenite attempt to take over the local Manticore Wormhole Junction terminus.[1]
1903 PD
The Maccabeus Campaign, an attempted coup on Grayson, launched in coordination with Havenite Operation Jericho.
1905 PD
The First Havenite-Manticoran War begins with the First Battle of Hancock.
10/24/1913 PD
The Battle of Cerberus, the culminating point of the prisoner escape from the Havenite prison planet Hades, is fought.[2]
John Mullins and Charles Gonzalvez help Admiral Mládek escape from Prague.
1915 PD
The First Havenite-Manticoran War ends in an unstable truce between Oscar Saint-Just and the Manticoran High Ridge government. Treecats are taught sign language by Dr. Adelina Arif and demonstrate it to Queen Elizabeth III Winton at Bay House.
05/10/1915 PD
Thomas Theisman launches a coup, personally executes Oscar Saint-Just, and restores the Republic of Haven.
Eloise Pritchart is elected President of the Republic of Haven.
1917 PD
The Lynx Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction is discovered. (Companion)
1919 PD
The Kingdom of Torch is founded. (CS1)
1919 PD
The Second Havenite-Manticoran War begins with Operation Thunderbolt.
02/16/1921 PD
The Battle of Monica is fought.[3]
The Star Empire of Manticore is founded.
April 1921 PD
Simultaneous assassination attempts on Queen Berry and James Webster (the latter sucessful) lead to resumption of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War.
05/15/ 1921 PD
The Battle of Lovat results in a Manticoran victory and in the death of Havenite Admiral Javier Giscard.
07/24/1921 PD
The Battle of Manticore is fought, resulting in the death of at least 2.2 million people and Rear Admiral Alistair McKeon.
10/25/1921 PD An unprovoked attack upon units of the Royal Manticoran Navy in New Tuscany is commited by the Solarian League Navy.
October 1921 PD The Second Battle of Congo is fought.
11/17/1921 PD SLN Frontier Fleet Task Group 3021 is disabled in the Second Battle of New Tuscany.
February 1922 PD
The Battle of Spindle is fought.
Operation Oyster Bay kills over 5.4 million people and 9,000 treecats.
March 1922 PD
Manticore recalls its merchant ships, and closes all warp gates it controls to Solarian shipping, activating Lacoön One and Two.
April 1922 PD
Solarian League prepares for a major military action against Manticore.

Victor Cachat and Anton Zilwicki arrive at Haven with Dr. Herlander Simões and crucial intelligence about Mesa.

May 1922 PD
The Second Havenite-Manticoran War ends with a military alliance between Haven and Manticore against the Solarian League and whatever other enemy may come their way.
June 1922 PD
The treecats volunteer to go with key members of the Grand Alliance to guard against Mesan nano-assassins. The SLN fleet under the command of Admiral Massimo Filareta invades the Manticore system, and suffers a crushing defeat in the Second Battle of Manticore.
January 1923 PD
The Battle of Sol and the fall of the Mandarins bring an end to the Solarian-Manticoran War.
February 1923 PD
The Solarian League holds a Constitutional Convention to reform the Federal government and return to a system of true democracy.


  1. The event is described in HH1, while the date is given in Jayne's Intelligence Review.
  2. 2 years and 1 day from disaster in the Adler Stystem
  3. The event described in SI1, the date is mentioned in SI2.

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