The 19th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1801 PD to 31 December 1900 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 40th Century CE.

Significant events Edit

Year AL Events References
1802 PD
224 AL
King Michael II of Manticore dies; Samantha II rises to the throne.
1806 PD
The first usable nuclear gravitically directed energy weapon (NGDEW) is invented.
1807 PD
Raoul Courvosier is born.
1815 PD
The Maslow System Technical Conservation Act of 1815 PD is legislated.
1817 PD
Iris Babcock is born on Gryphon.
Josef Byng is born.
1820 PD
233 AL
The Courageous-class light cruiser HMS Fearless is commissioned.
Hamish Alexander is born on Manticore.
1823 PD
The first Triumphant-class battleship[1] is commissioned by the People's Navy.
1830s PD
The Manticoran Bureau of Weapons learns of the laser head weapons concept.
1842 PD
The heavy cruiser HMS War Maiden is commissioned.
~ 1843 PD
The Greenbriar-Chanticleer War is fought.
The Solarian survey vessel Tempest is unable to plot a return course after a wormhole transit, and has to travel home 113 days through hyperspace to make its way home.
1844 PD
Roland Shelton‎ enlists in the Royal Manticoran Navy.
1847 PD
Bernard Yanakov is born on Grayson.
1850s PD
The People's Republic of Haven begin their policy of violent conquest.The new Protector's Palace is built in Austin City on Grayson.
1852 PD
251 AL
Alistair McKeon is born.
1857 PD
255 AL
Queen Samantha II of Manticore dies of old age. Her son, Roger III, rises to the throne.
10/1/1859 PD
256 AL
Honor Harrington is born on the planet Sphinx.
1860 PD
Jared Mayhew is born on Grayson.
April 1861 PD
The April Massacre occurs on Haven.
1862 PD
Emily Alexander is paralyzed in an aircar accident.
1863 PD
Iris Babcock enlists in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.
Grayson starts to build its first orbital stations.
1864 PD
The Havenite Sword class is first proposed as a replacement design for the old Champion class heavy cruiser.
1865 PD
260 AL
After the discovery of the local wormhole terminus, the Basilisk System is annexed by the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
Horace Harkness enlists in the Royal Manticoran Navy.
Crown Princess Elizabeth is born on Manticore.
1866 PD
Astral Energetics, Ltd produces the first complete laser-head-armed impeller-drive anti-ship missile system.


1867 PD
Basilisk Act of Annexation
1867 PD
PNS Sword, the lead ship of the eponymous class of heavy cruisers, is commissioned into the People's Navy.
1868 PD
Tomas Ramirez is born on the planet San Martin.
Grayson and Masada started to vastly improve their technological levels, and the First Grayson-Masadan War is fought.
1870 PD
Manticore introduces the Mk-19 capital ship missile.
12/21/1871 PD
Benjamin Mayhew IX is born on Grayson.
Honor Harrington starts hang-gliding in the Copperwalls.
(HH12) (HH3)
1872 PD
King Roger III makes a state visit to San Martin.
The first Charles Wade Pope-class light cruiser is commissioned by the People's Navy.
The Andermani Empire buys the laser head missile technology from Astral Energetics, Ltd.
(HH9) (JIR2) (AItMSAD)
1873 PD
Matthew Simonds enters Masadan politics.
GNS Austin Grayson is commissioned, and the Grayson Space Navy reinvents the inertial compensator.
Raoul Courvosier is in combat for the last time until the Battle of Blackbird.
1875 PD
265 AL
Honor Harrington enters the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy.
1877 PD
267 AL
Prescott Tremaine is born.
1879 PD
Honor Harrington graduates from the Academy.
BuWeaps begins working on the Mk-13 anti-ship missile.
1880 PD
Jennifer O'Brien is born on Manticore.
1881 PD
Honor Harrington is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to HMS Osprey as sailing master.
1882 PD
Honor Harrington assumes command of an intrasystem LAC.
Michael Mayhew is born on Grayson.
Oct 1883 PD
The Havenite Invasion of San Martin takes place; Tomas Ramirez and most of his family escape to Manticore.
10/9/1883 PD
270 AL
King Roger III is assassinated in the Indigo Salt Flats. Elizabeth III rises to the throne, tracks down her father's killers, but has to cover up the whole plot for political reasons.Masada starts to invest one third of its gross system product in the Navy for the planned conquest of Grayson.
PNS Bastogne, the first Bastogne-class destroyer, is commissioned.
1884 PD
The Havenite Bureau of Mental Hygiene is transferred from the Ministry of Public Health to the Secretary of Public Information.
1885 PD

Chief Elder Thomas Simonds' youngest wife is born.
Honor Harrington receives commendations for her actions during a power room accident aboard HMS Manticore.

1887 PD
PNS Desforge, the first Desforge-class destroyer, is commissioned.
The Ouragan-class pinnace first enters service with the People's Navy.
1888 PD
The Trevor's Star System is annexed by the People's Republic of Haven.
1890 PD
Honor Harrington enters the Commanding Officer's Course.
1892 PD
Crown Prince Michael graduates from Saganami Island and begins his Midshipman cruise aboard HMS Intransigent, en route to Masada.
1895 PD
277 AL
Sally MacBride enlists in the Royal Manticoran Navy.
Pavel Young is promoted to Captain.
1896 PD
Michael Reynaud becomes the assistant chief controller at Basilisk Traffic Control.
1897 PD
Honor Harrington assumes command of HMS Hawkwing and receives the White Command Beret.
Estelle Matsuko becomes the Resident Commissioner for Planetary Affairs on Medusa.
278 AL
The Manticoran Parliament amends Paragraph 10, Subsection 3 of the Commercial Regulations.
1897 PD
PNS Conquistador spoils a secessionist plot in the Morell System.
1898 PD
Michael Reynaud becomes the chief controller at Basilisk Traffic Control.
Alistair McKeon is assigned to HMS Fearless as tactical officer.
Benjamin Mayhew IX becomes the new Protector of Grayson.
1899 PD
Alistair McKeon is promoted to executive officer of Fearless. HMS Warlock was assigned to Basilisk Station.
1899 PD
HMS Hawkwing, commanded by Harrington, participates in taking Casimir Station from Manpower Incorporated, and liberating the slaves there.[2]

References Edit

  1. Likely PNS Triumphant.
  2. The date is somewhat questionable, see Talk:Casimir System.

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