The 18th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1701 PD to 31 December 1800 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 39th Century CE.

Significant events[]

~ 1703 PD
The first vessel from outside the Yeltsin's Star System visits the planet Grayson.
1709 PD
The Shuttlesport Conference is held on Smoking Frog.
The Battle of Farley's Crossing is fought.
1715 PD
The Manticoran planet of Gryphon reaches the population number neccessary to begin the privatization of the Crown Range among the citizens. The secondary shareholders soon accuse the aristocracy of corruption in the process.
1721 PD
The Gryphon Uprising begins with the tensions between the nobility and the yeomanry growing into shooting incidents.
1723 PD
Gryphon is pacified by the Royal Manticoran Army. A special committee oversees the rest of the privatization process.
1740s PD
The Havenite constitution is effectivly abandoned by the Legislaturalists.
1741 PD
188 AL
Caitrin I is crowned Queen of Manticore.
1742 PD
The first Manticoran superdreadnought, HMS Manticore, is commissioned.
~ 1750 PD
The Royal Manticoran Navy replaces its personnel's visored caps with berets.
1750 PD
As a result of this years Constitutional Convention, the Republic of Haven officially becomes the People's Republic of Haven.
1750 PD
San Martin economy in dire condition.
1751 PD
San Martin elections see radical political parties gain power.
1752 PD
San Martin War.
1760 PD
Founding of the Charleston Center for Admiralty Law.
1762 PD
200 AL
Samantha I is crowned Queen of Manticore.
1772 PD
The Maya Sector petitions for Solarian League "protection" in order to avoid a forced takeover by the Office of Frontier Security.
1778 PD
The Technical Conservation Act of 1778 PD is legislated in the People's Republic of Haven.


1785 PD
214 AL
Michael II is crowned King of Manticore.
1790 PD
216 AL
Hamish Alexander's father, the twelfth Earl of White Haven, is born.
1793 PD
Endicott System and Yeltsin's Star System rediscovered by Havenite merchant ship RHMS Goliath.
1798 PD
Rajampet Rajani is born.
1800 PD
A chair for the 11th Earl White Haven is built in the Sandalwood System.


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