The 16th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1501 PD to 31 December 1600 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 37th Century CE.

Significant events Edit

1505 PD
The Royal Manticoran Naval Academy admits its first class of midshipmen.
1/7/1507 PD
Stephanie Harrington is born on the planet Meyerdahl.
1509 PD
The first class of midshipmen graduate from the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy.
1509 PD
A military junta takes control of the planet Canaan. Soon after, General Amador Khetha takes power for himself as so called "Supreme Chosen One".
1510 PD
The "Plague Years" officially end with the government announcing the eradication of the Manticoran Plague.
The Danak System is colonized.
1512 PD
Travis Long is born on Manticore.
The Harrington family arrives on the planet Sphinx.
(tech bible)
Stephanie Harrington discovers Sphinx's native sentient species, the treecats, and bonds with Lionheart.
Scott MacDallan bonds with the treecat Fisher.
Arvin Erhardt bonds with True Stalker.
1520 PD
Dr. Muriel Ubel murders several BioNeering employees in order to cover up an ecological disaster that severly damaged a treecat clan home range. Scott MacDallan finds out about it and ends up killing Ubel.
1521 PD
Queen Elizabeth I of Manticore dies; her son, Michael I, ascends to the throne.
1521 PD
Stephanie Harrington foils Tennessee Bolgeo's attempt to kidnap treecats and sell them off-world as pets.
Gustav Anderman conquers a number of star systems and founds the Andermani Empire.
1528 PD
65 AL
The construction of King Michael's Cathedral in Landing begins.
1529 PD
Travis Long enlists in the Royal Manticoran Navy.
1532 PD
Manticore's experimental sloop HMS Phobos is destroyed by harmonic stress on the hull during a rescue operation in the Unicorn Belt.
1533 PD
The Republic of Haven holds a starship sale in the Secour System.
1535 PD
The people of Canaan oust General Khetha, who flees the planet with his supporters.
1539 PD
72 AL
Edward I is crowned King of Manticore.
1541 PD
Aided immigration to Manticore officially ends.
1543 PD
The Volsung Mercenaries try to conquer the Manticore System, but are repelled by the RMN in the Battle of Manticore.
1544 PD
74 AL
King Edward I and Crown Princess Sophie die in a boating accident. Edward's sister, Elizabeth II, rises to the throne.

Volsung Mercenary base in Silesia is destroyed by Andermani forces accompanied by HMS Casey. Volsung's database is captured intact.

Cutler Gensonne is killed during battle by Jeremiah Llyn in Danak system

Earl Breakwater is forced to resign his post of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

(UHH, MA3)
1551 PD
"The Pumice Year" of strong vulcanic activity on Tlaloc; the inhabitants rename their planet Smoking Frog.
1581 PD
Dr. Ignatius Peterson invents the first inertial compensator with sufficiently precise incremental control to allow vessels with a permanent up/down orientation.
1585 PD
The first transit of the Manticore Wormhole Junction takes place, linking the Star Kingdom with Beowulf.
1590 PD
The RMN battlecruiser HMS Nike (BC-01) is commissioned.
The Junction Treaty of 1590 PD is signed.


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