The 15th Century Post Diaspora lasted from 1 January of the year 1401 PD to 31 December 1500 PD. By Old Earth time reckoning, it was the 36th Century CE.

Significant events[]

1410 PD
The Eridani Edict is legislated.
1416 PD
0 AL
The colony ship Jason arrives in the Manticore System.
3/21/1416 PD
0 AL
The first shuttle from Jason lands on the surface of Manticore.
The Manticore Colony, LTD settlers begin to settle on Manticore under the leadership of Roger Winton.
1422 PD
Humans first set foot on the planet Sphinx.
~ 1439 PD
14 AL
The Privacy Act of 14 AL is enacted.
1447 PD
The first wormhole junction is discovered by humans.
1454 PD
22 AL
The Visigoth Wormhole Junction is discovered.
1460 PD
The Mesa System is settled by the Detweiler Consortium.
The Manticoran battlecruiser HMS Nike (BC-09) is built.
1464 PD
The Manticoran Plague is first discovered.
~ 1470 PD
The first colonists arrive on the planet Sphinx.
1480 PD
The Manticoran Plague mutates into an aggressive strain and the death toll rises significantly.
1482 PD
The Manticoran Plague jumps quarantine to the planet Sphinx.
1484 PD
A vaccine effective against the Plague is developed; immigration policies to attract needed replacement population are debated.
1485 PD
The Star Kingdom of Manticore is founded.
Roger Winton is crowned Roger I, King of Manticore, on August 1.
The orginal peerages, including White Haven, are created.
1487 PD
The Plague's second mutation renders the original vaccine ineffective; plans for assisted immigration are shelved temporarily.
1489 PD
Roger I dies of old age. His daughter Elizabeth rises to the throne.
Manticore begins subsidizing immigration.
The Detweiler Consortium is renamed Manpower Incorporated.
1490 PD
The Manticoran Crown Range Charter is legislated.
1491 PD
The Icarus, the first Warshawski sail-using starship, is scrapped.
1496 PD
A new vaccine, effective against the second mutation of the Plague, is developed; aided immigration numbers soar. The Plague is "thrown back on the defensive", but persists in isolated pockets.
1497 PD
Jerome and Sanura Hobbard arrive in Manticore.
1500 PD
The colonization of the planet Tlaloc in the Maya System begins.


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